Review of #dchh 2013 in Hamburg

Recently I visited the Developer Conference 2013 in Hamburg (, a German speaking conference about programmierung and web business initiated by Tarek Mueller (@TarekMueller) and Sebastian Betz who live inside the Hamburg startup scene.
The conference was held for the third time, this time in a much bigger environment. In opposite to the first two years with around 300 visitors in the OTTO building, this year the Cinemaxx was rented for around 1500 visitors.
Here I list a short summary of the talks I have visited attaching a small comment from me. I need to say sorry for the uncomfortable table format.

TimeTitleSpeakerEssenceDid I like it?
Thu, 10:00Qualität stinkt. Manchmal.Nils Langner, Torsten Franz WHEN should you care about code quality and WHEN NOT+ (a good one!)
Thu, 11:00One product, many countriesSebastian SchuonYou need to be technically prepared for internationalization. But this is just the very beginning. You will struggle with unforeseen legal and cultural differences.+
Thu, 13:00Praktische EJB-Performance-OptimierungJan WeinschenkerWas not really related to EJBs but rather to finding the bottleneck and Hibernate (where it was finally found).- (I personally did not like it)
Thu, 14:00Rewrites überlebenJohann-Peter HartmannNever do a rewrite. But modernization works.++ (awesome!)
Thu, 15:00PHP Core, get rid of bugs and contributePierre JoyeHow to start to contribute to the PHP kernel.+
Thu, 16:00In-App Advertising - An Efficient Way To Monetize Your AppMichael Osei-AmpaduHow to make money with mobile Apps.+
Fr, 10:00Zend Framework 2 - Best PracticesRalf EggertCollection of Best Practices regarding code quality and performance.0 (useful)
Fr, 11:00JCA Connector Entwicklung mit Maven und Glassfish 4Frank WerresHow to develop the connector to work with external platforms.0
Fr, 13:00Data-Driven E-CommerceSebastian BetzInsights of the latest online marketing and ecommerce partly with scientific approach. Very detailed.++
Fr, 14:00be nerd - Management der ZukunftDr. Johannes MainuschCommunication between development and management and between development should be enhanced.++
Fr, 15:00Bower and Composer - Ein Dependency Management Dream TeamThorsten RinneIntroduction to Frontend and Backend dependency management.0
Fr, 16:00"Einfach so" mit Tests startenJudith Andresen, Arne BlankertDefine what you need to test.-

reset forgotten MySQL root password

There may be several reasons for the need to recover a MySQL root password. In my case, I changed it on my local developer machine a while ago and I did not remember the new password.

Resetting the password is very easy – if you have root access to your machine.

  1. Create a file containing:
    UPDATE `mysql`.`user` SET `Password`=PASSWORD('MyNewPass') WHERE `User`='root';
  2. Stop your MySQL-Server
  3. Start your MySQL-Server with the following command:
    mysqld_safe --init-file=/path/to/your/file

Now you should be able to log into your MySQL-Server using root and MyNewPass (I recommend you to not use THIS password, if your server is reachable in any way).

This post is a simplification of a part of the official reference manual here: MySQL Manual.


WordPress: disable register link in login form

Today I want to share a hint I have found on I needed to disable the registration in wp-login.php in certain situations and found a good solution there.
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Bash Variables Cheatsheet

Well, this is not really a cheat sheet, but a list of some bash variables I recently used. As it is hard to google them, I note some of them here:
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PhpStorm and Xdebug

After showing last time how to connect PhpStorm with Redmine Today’s little blog post gives you a little tutorial, how to connect Xdebug and PhpStorm. Using Xdebug with your IDE gives you a lot of benefits. While clicking through the browser you can directly follow the code (by setting breakpoints) inside your IDE. You can find an introduction in Xdebug here and the whole documentation, surprise surprise, on
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Integrate Redmine into PhpStorm/IntelliJ (on Mac OS X)

Integrating Redmine 1.3.2 into PhpStorm 3.0 (or probably other IntelliJ IDEs) has several benefits. I mainly use it to read the descriptions of my tasks directly inside PhpStorm.

What do you need?

  • Admin access to Redmine to enable the REST web service and to see the identifier of your project
  • for self-signed HTTPS certificates sudo/root access to a terminal (if your Redmine URL starts with https, you may need it)

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HowTo install WordPress in the RedHat OpenShift cloud

Prerequisite: You need to have git installed.

As I just installed WordPress, here are the steps I followed. I ran this installation on a Mac, but it should be the same on Linux.

First, you need to create an account and a domain. Your blog’s URL will be:

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