Integrate Redmine into PhpStorm/IntelliJ (on Mac OS X)

Integrating Redmine 1.3.2 into PhpStorm 3.0 (or probably other IntelliJ IDEs) has several benefits. I mainly use it to read the descriptions of my tasks directly inside PhpStorm.

What do you need?

  • Admin access to Redmine to enable the REST web service and to see the identifier of your project
  • for self-signed HTTPS certificates sudo/root access to a terminal (if your Redmine URL starts with https, you may need it)

First you login into your Redmine with the admin account to enable the REST web service and to get your project’s identifier:
-> Settings
-> Authentication
-> Enable REST web service (check this)

Next fetch the project identifier:
-> < your_project >
-> Settings
-> Identifier (you will need this)

Now log off the admin account and log into your personal account and visit the following path:
My Account
-> API access key
-> Show (click on that to access your key)

Now you can go to PhpStorm and set up the connection there:
-> Preferences
-> Tasks
-> Servers

Here you can enter all details about your Redmine installation:

  • URL is the URL where you access Redmine
  • Project ID is the project identifier
  • API token is the API access key

Now you can click on the “Test” button to verify a working connection. If it does not work, it could be caused by a self-signed certificate that is not automatically accepted. Now you need to get the certificate in a file (ask your admin or google if you do not know how to get this) and import it into your local Java keystore by entering the following command into your terminal:

sudo keytool -import -keystore /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/Contents/Home/lib/security/cacerts -file < your_cert_file >

The keystore path may depend on your system. On my Mac OS X 10.7 it is located as above. If you do not know where to find it you can search it in your terminal by:

locate cacert

Now you need to restart your PhpStorm to read the new keystore file. Then it should work. You can access the tickets inside PhpStorm by clicking through the menu:


Then follow the description how to search tasks. I used to pin the documentation window on the right, so I can see the task description while I’m programming.


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2 thoughts on “Integrate Redmine into PhpStorm/IntelliJ (on Mac OS X)

  1. Marc says:

    Could it be a way to just show me the tasks assigned to me? Because at moment it shows me all the tasks.

    Thanks for the document, very helpfull!

    • Dario Sait says:

      Unfortunately it seems to be just a rudimentary implementation in IntelliJ with focus on the ticket description and a template for commit messages relating to the ticket number.

      This is especially helpful if you have your source code management linked inside Redmine as you can directly refer to commits.

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